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  • Never Been To Vegas? Bellagio Water Show

    Here is one of the Bellagio water shows that play every hour in front of the hotel. Pretty awesome to watch.

  • Never Been To Vegas? Mirage Fire Show

    One of the automated shows on the strip. This is infront of the Mirage hotel which is pretty awesome. The Beatles Revolution Rock Bar is awesome!

  • We Are Scientists @ The Middle East

    When you’re awesome like me sometimes it takes a while to make posts because of how much awesome stuff I’m doing. Finally I have a chance to post about the We Are Scientists show Greg and I went to on July 30th at the Middle East in Cambridge. Always a good place to catch a…

  • If You Have Nothing Good To Show

    Driving Music from Chris Carroll on Vimeo. Don’t show it at all. This is on the idea of the quality vs. quantity rule. Everyone hits a point where they have to balance the two, whether you’re buying supplies for your office, or those $1 burritos you find in the frozen food section at Shaws. (No…

  • Whachu Beanupto

    So it’s been a while since I’ve made a post. Sorry to be all procrastinating but I think my Mom is the only one who reads this anyway. I’ve been very busy over the past few weeks. Lets see what I’ve done. I’ve replaced my headlights: I’ve gone to the junkyard for parts to help…