If You Have Nothing Good To Show

Driving Music from Chris Carroll on Vimeo.

Don’t show it at all. This is on the idea of the quality vs. quantity rule. Everyone hits a point where they have to balance the two, whether you’re buying supplies for your office, or those $1 burritos you find in the frozen food section at Shaws. (No Brainer – A MUST BUY!) Like I said, this concept can really apply to anything. Especially video creation. Seth Goden had a similar post too.

You may have heard of a video I was working on late last year called Knock Knock. I filmed it, edited it, and released some B-roll from the takes. After chopping it all together I watched it a few times through and realized it just wasn’t funny or good at all. Then I had a decision to make, either I can release it to grow the library of flicks I’ve been in or trash it. I decided to scrap the project. I’d rather be able to say I was an extra in The Matrix, then say I was a lead in Tremors 5-7. Bacon was smart when he ditched on the second one.

Above is one of the scenes where I’m supposed to be driving around listening to some music when something embarrassing comes up on my iPod. I think they did this in Tommy Boy too…..no wait, I know they did this.

This text will be replaced

Tommy Boy, Paramount 1995





3 responses to “If You Have Nothing Good To Show”

  1. Greg Avatar

    Knock Knock did kinda suck, it was a good idea to scrap it. HUGS!

  2. DigTheDoug Avatar

    You came close to dying on camera singing along to Cher.

  3. Rican Avatar

    NoWork was better.

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