An Exhibit of Xzibit being Exhibited in a Exhibit

A few months ago I was shown this…


Which made me roflcopter all over the place. I had no idea there were so many of these though. Which is why I have to share! No I didn’t make these, just Google image Xibit.

xibitexibitYeah betch! What’s in your Exhibit?

xibitbabyI found this one more creepy then funny.

xibitbikeI am sad there are no TV’s on the handlebars

xibitmathMy third favorite. If Math was this cool, I may have learned algebra! Instead I’m just a moron

Second Fav.

xibityoyoMy Number One. Just because its fun to say……yo!

Update 3/3/09 336P: Heres a blog that specializes in Xibit!

Update 3/3/09 602P: @digthedoug just sent this to me. Made me crack right up.






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