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  • My Morning Traffic

    Today was one of the worst days of traffic I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting in. Luckily there was a damn good reason to be sitting in it. I guess this is what happens when a truck goes under a bridge thats two feet shorter than the height of the truck. Heres the video,…

  • Canadian Vacation Pt .2

    So I feel my last post didn’t do much justice on my vacation to Canada so i figured I’d post some more pictures and a couple more videos. I still don’t feel like this does justice. Like I said before you should go get your passport and get your ass to Mars…I mean Canada. The…

  • The Old Big Black Truck Trick

    Silly predictable evil villains. You don’t have this man fooled. We can smell you a mile away. Unable to load video player. This is likely because the player is outside a Flash-enabled browser or the necessary version of Flash is not installed. The Nude Bomb