Tag: beer

  • Sam Oktoberfest Now In Session

    Mayank and I get to enjoy this seasons first Samuel Adams Oktoberfest. Yes it was delicious.

  • Kimball Farm | Company Outing

    We had our company outing at Kimball Farm this year and it was pretty kickass. Above is a picture from the balloon ride just after sunset. The place is pretty cool, they serve food and beer. They also have a driving range and beer, a pitch and putt, a mini golf course, small animal farm,…

  • Rattlesnake Rooftop Tweetup

    Of course someone as amazing and cool as me went to the Rattlesnake Rooftop Tweetup (#roofup). I mean, look at my picture above. You can’t argue with those glasses. Well past that, two bars upstairs, one inside one out, and great weather. Mega high five to @sarahmerion for throwing this together. I have no idea…