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Earlier this month I went to Canada with a few friends and I will say I had an awesome time. We stayed in Montreal at the Hotel Du Fort right off of Saint Catherine. The hotel was great, we were up on the 17th floor with a great view of the city. We spent most of our time with the nightlife on Crescent street which was packed with awesome bars and restaurants…except for the Hard Rock Cafe. Almost all restaurants and bars had outdoor seating and the weather was great. The streets were packed with people but it wasn’t really over crowded anywhere. We did a lot of bar hopping and the best part was we could walk back to the hotel. We didn’t even have to deal with cabs.

If you go to Montreal, I don’t suggest staying at one place, you really need to move around especially on the first night. A place I do suggest going is Thursdays for breakfast. The meal was awesome and it came with bread, fruit and juice. We were pretty much full before we got our main course. We ended up catching the comedy festival too. They closed off and entire block and filled it with vendors, games and performers. The only problem I had with the vacation was having my car ripped apart by US customs. They took my cubans! Here is a video of my enjoying Canada.

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  1. Erin Avatar

    I LOVED CANADA!!! and I love what u did with the video!!!

    i honestly doubt they are going to let any of us back in!! HA

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