Grilling Monstrosity


This thing is a beast. If you’re serious about grilling then go get your balls, 00 and move your ass over to You could grill a grill grilling hamburgers on this thing it’s so huge. (Cue Xzibit Meme) You could bring this anywhere and make it a party. Like a library or funeral or anything that it’s equally inappropriate to grill at. Although this a pretty lavish grill, I sill like using my $25 portable gas grill. Fits in my trunk and cooks pretty well. problem is my trunk smells like nasty grease. So if your looking to be the grill master or just be made fun of you should go blow the two grand on this guy. Who doesn’t have $2,000 to throw around now a days?


Also if your looking to build one, download the assembly guide.





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