PM5K @ The Middle East


Greg and I hit up the Powerman 5000 show last Monday at the Middle East and it was an awesome show. Worth the $18. This is the first time I’ve ever seen them live and I’ve been following their music for the past nine years. I think I blew out my ears though, they’ve been ringing ever since. Should have gotten some ear plugs.


Also ran into a few people from New Alliance Studios. Good group of guys. I had my college internship there. If you’ve got some time or need to record an album have it recorded at New Alliance. You can also contact Ken Cmar of Wonderdrug Records for distribution. I got to work there for some time as well. Enjoy a quick moment from the show!

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  1. Matthew Mamet Avatar

    I saw PM5K play a free “show” at Tower Records back in 98 in support of their EP True Force. The stuff they did in their early years was well ahead of their time and pretty freakin great. After seeing this post, I dug up that EP from the vault. Man, was I ever that young?

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