My Summer So Far

This has been one of the busiest summers I’ve had. So here is 4 minutes covering….well I don’t even know if I can say most of what I’ve done. I’d say this covers June. Jul didn’t apparently happen for me and I have no idea where I am or where my pants are.

My Summer So Far from Chris Carroll on Vimeo.

Got a ton of Omaha Steaks, got gutters installed on the house, built a fire-pit with some friends, went to a crappy carnival and so much more!





3 responses to “My Summer So Far”

  1. Erin Avatar

    u missed so much

  2. Greg Avatar

    ::cough cough:: my wedding? you were kinda in it, i’m sad we didn’t take any of our own video behind the scenes.

  3. christocarroll Avatar

    Dude, I said this was just June. If you remember, your wedding was in July!

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